Shared Values

Look for someone who shares similar values and life goals, including the importance of a home and family life.

Communication Skills 

Effective communication is crucial in any relationship. Find someone who can express their thoughts and feelings openly and listen to yours as well. 

Responsible and Reliable 

A reliable partner who takes responsibility for their actions is important for building a stable and trusting relationship.


Life can be unpredictable. Someone who is adaptable and can handle changes and challenges with a positive attitude is valuable.

Emotional Intelligence 

A person with emotional intelligence can understand and navigate emotions well, promoting a healthy and supportive relationship.

Collaborative Spirit 

Seek a partner who sees the relationship as a partnership and is willing to collaborate on household responsibilities.

Financial Compatibility 

Discuss financial goals and habits early on to ensure compatibility and avoid potential conflicts in the future.

Respect for Individual Goals 

Support each other's individual goals and aspirations, whether they are career-related or personal.

Sense of Humor 

A good sense of humor can lighten the mood and make everyday life more enjoyable.

Loyalty and Trustworthiness 

Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship. Look for a partner who is loyal and trustworthy.